Business Outsourced Services

We’ve felt the pain of a fragmented back office, one that’s been cobbled together with multiple vendors.

Put bluntly, we don’t believe that one size fits all. Certainly not when it comes to chartered accountancy services.

There’s no such thing as a typical client at Cardo Capital Financial Services. Our clients are made up of individuals, privately owned businesses and corporations of different sizes that span a wide range of industries. Our ability to meet the needs of such a diverse clientele lies in the breadth and depth of our team, all of whom is leaders in their specific fields and is focused on delivering flexible, innovative financial solutions that support growth, protect wealth and ensure compliance.

Industries that we lend our expertise to include:

  • Motor
  • Medical
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Retail and FMCG
  • Wholesale
  • Property Development and Investment
  • Professional Services Firms (doctors, attorneys, architects)
  • High net worth Individuals and Associated Trusts
  • Auditor General
  • Film Production
  • Farming
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturers
  • Importers