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We came into being from a very different route than most practice Accountants and we believe that our unique background has given us the chance to really appreciate the difference that industry finance experience can offer a small business.

In 2010, Cardo Capital founder Sipho Makhanya realised that while many accounting practices have been a high street presence for decades, they lack practical hands-on experience within their clients’ varied businesses and adopt a ‘one-size fits all’ approach. Mr Makhanya developed the idea of creating accessible accounting systems & procedures for organisations of all backgrounds, and sought to build a team that could provide this expertise. 

Ten years on, our practice has grown to include a wide range of clients and a network of experts who can advise on all aspects of accounting and tax.

Small can be beutiful

We know that small business can be creative and innovative in a way that a large company simply can’t. We know that you, as an owner manager of a small business, will be an expert in your field with great aspirations for what your business can achieve. So what is it that holds you back? In our experience, one of the main barriers to success for ambitious small businesses is the lack of access to financial expertise & in-house finance systems. A large company can hire a Finance Director and entire accounts team running a proven system, but a small business ends up relying on their local accounting practice, who generally offer little more than annual returns and a moderate amount of tax advice.

A perfect tailored, integrated finance department

  • Company tax
  • Individual tax
  • Tax consulting
  • Tax clearances
  • Registrations for VAT, Income Tax, PAYE & SNPF, Compensation Commissioner, Import & Export